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Charity PPBC phone stand

Charity PPBC phone stand


For every PPBC phone stand  purchase, Cornwall Laser Cutting & Craft will donate £1.50 to Protecting Preloved Border Collies.


Laser cut mobile phone stand. Laser etched detail with an image of PPBC logo.


Phone holder measures 170mm x 80mm and is made from 6mm thick Laser Ply. No Glue is required as the stand supports itself. The stand leg / support shelf and can be easily removed from the front to allow the stand to be placed into your bag or pocket to transport around with you. The slot in the phone shelf allows you to be able plug your charger into phone whilst using the stand. Please note phone charger point needs to be in the middle of the bottom of your phone for this to work.


About Protecting Preloved Border Collies

PPBC educate owners of the risks associated with offering their Border Collies Free To a Good Home, and about the dangers of these dogs being used as bait within the dog fighting community. PPBC is UK only. 


We are a UK based charity and can only rescue Collies within the Uk which includes Scotland and Wales. We actively warn owners against offering their Border Collies for free on Preloved/Gumtree/Freead websites, and educate about the dangers of these dogs being used as bait in dog fighting communities. Moreover, we organise support for owners and suggest additional options such as the use of our fostering / adoption programme. We are located in the UK and cover England, Scotland and Wales.


Protecting Preloved Border Collies (PPBC) is recognised by HM Revenue and Customs as a Charity (ZD07880)

and established in England and Wales. We are also a Registered Charity Number 11664581. We work tirelessly for the welfare of Border Collies. We have a strict policy of never putting a physically or mentally healthy dog to sleep, thereby ensuring that, if an owner requires our assistance, we will safeguard their dog’s welfare right from the onset.

Members of the public often believe that, by offering their collie for free, they are giving their dog a better chance of finding a loving, forever home. Unfortunately the opposite is actually true. By educating the public via sending warning messages and messages of support, we are often able to minimise the trauma of ‘the unknown’ whilst empowering the owners to make suitable choices for their loved pet.

“There are enough of us on Facebook that care, we are horrified at what’s happening out there and we make a difference! If you want to help then please let Protecting Preloved Border Collies know – we need enough people to care, to reach ALL of those 'free to good home' border collies who are totally dependent on us to step in and protect them!”

Protecting Preloved Border Collies arranges and coordinates the transportation of border collies, oversees homechecks and has a database of fosterers and adopters. We are steadily building a network of key contacts and organisations and our membership is growing daily. We could not do this without your assistance. If you feel you can help in the building and developing of Protecting Preloved Border Collies, or wish to offer support,.


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