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Antihistamine In Bag fob

Antihistamine In Bag fob


Antihistamine In Bag Fob


Alert people to make them aware that you have an Antihistamine in your bag.  Fobs are made from 1.5mm thick laminated 2 colour acrylic and measure approx 65 mm x 35 mm. 


Text can be altered and fob size increased. Please contact for price update before purchasing. Any further questions please contact us


* Please note key rings are posted with a small 1mm jump ring attaching the split ring to the key fob. This is done purely to enable the key fobs to lay flat in the packaging. If this isn't done then the keyrings and packaging are too wide to qualify for Royal Mail large letter (maximum thickness 25mm). These jump rings can then be removed if you so wish. If you would prefer this not to be done we can either leave the split rings loose in the packaging but this does pose a risk of them scratching the keyfobs in the post. Alternatively I can fit the 25mm split rings directly to the keyfobs and Royal Mail parcel postal rates will apply. Please let me know if you choose this method before checkout and Royal Mail parcel rates will be applied to the listing for you.


'Symbol:'. This fob has been designed using resources from


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