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Laser Cut B & B / Hotel Key Fob - Wood

Laser Cut B & B / Hotel Key Fob - Wood


The key ring is made of 4 mm or 6 mm Poplar ply. 

Poplar is a cultivated wood that grows quickly, which makes it a very sustainable product. This material is PEFC certified.



Oval Small - 70 mm x 44 mm

Oval Large - 95 mm x 60 mm


Rectangle Small 90 mm x 30 mm

Rectangle Large  120 mm x 40 mm


Fobs come fitted with a 25 mm split ring. Available shapes are Oval or Rectangular. Please contact if you require a different shaped key ring.


Fionished fobs are polished with a natrual bee's wax polish.


Please add detail to be etched on fob


Bulk order discounts available. Please contact for a quote.

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