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Sex Game Tokens

Sex Game Tokens


Fun sex game tokens Perfect for birthday present or just for the fun of it. 

Turn over as many tokens as you dare and let fate or luck pave the way of the evening.


Set of 12 


Heart or Round shape sets available


Round tokens measure 38 mm diameter

Heart tokens measure 45 mm x 40 mm


Etched and cut from 3 mm thick Poplar ply or 1,5 mm thick 2 colour laminate acrylic.


Choose from standard set of 12 which are - Tit wank, Foot rub, 69, Role play, Tie up, Spank, Anything you want, Massage, Anal, Lick, Blow job & Dress up or choose 12 of your own pleasures or kinks. Please note choose your own is only available if this option is selected.


Laminated tokens are available in the following colours

Blue token - white writing

Red token - white writing

White token - black writing

White token - Red writing

White token - Blue writing

Black token - white writing

Yellow Tag - black writing

Gold token - black wriitng


Comes with a small black tie bag ( 9cm x 7cm ) 

Contact seller before purchase if you want token sizes increased. 

Please note - 
The more letter per token the smaller the writing will become. Designed for Adults only use

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