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Slate Stress Relief Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Slate Stress Relief Wall Mounted Bottle Opener

Slate plaque / bottle opener with laser etched detail. 


Slate is mounted onto 6mm Poplar ply backing board.
Dimensions approx 24cm x 16 but will vary.
Slate thickness will vary as its a natural product but typically will measure between 3 mm - 5 mm thick.
Text and details can be personalised but please message us before purchasing to discuss suitability of what you require.

Please note slate is a natural material and as such may have natural imperfections in its properties. This may include flatness, other natural materials embedded in the slate or blemishes to the slates surface. 

Slate colours may also vary from grey/green to dark grey depending on slates acquired at time.

As this product is Laser surface etched the colour of etching can vary from white to light grey depending on slate

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