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Tide Indicator Tidal Slate Clock free standing mantelpiece clock

Tide Indicator Tidal Slate Clock free standing mantelpiece clock


Mantelpiece Slate Tide Clock


Free Standing Mantelpiece Desktop Tide clocks or "indicators" show how much time before high or low tide. 

The lunar day, or time it takes the moon to reappear at the same place in the sky, is

24 hours and 50 minutes.  Most locations have two tides each day. Because of this,

your clock rotates every 12 hours and 25 minutes or twice daily.


Simply set to high tide when the tide is in at your location.


Clock is fitted with a gold metal hand and measures approx 12cm x 12cm.

Stand is made from 3mm thick clear acrylic.


Available with Cornwall map, Flag, Tin mine engine house in clock center.


Slate thickness will vary as its a natural product but typically will measure between 3 mm - 5 mm thick. 


Clocks are etched onto reclaimed slate tiles or tile acquired from local roofers after job their is finished when possible. 

Please note slate is a natural material and as such may have natural imperfections in its properties. This may include flatness, other natural materials embedded in the slate or blemishes to the slates surface. 


Slate colours may also vary from grey/green to dark grey depending on slates acquired at time.


As this product is Laser surface etched the colour of etching can vary from white to light grey depending on slate properties.


Requires 1 x AA battery ( not included )


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