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Whatever am always late free standing mantelpiece clock

Whatever am always late free standing mantelpiece clock


Laser etched Cornwall Dreckly slate clock. The clock measures approx 12 cm x 12 cm


Slate is attached to a clear 3mm thick acrylic stand


Slate thickness will vary as its a natural product but typically will measure between 3 mm - 4 mm thick.


Clocks are etched onto reclaimed slate tiles or tile aquired from local roofers after job their is finished when possible. This means that some clocks may have 2 small approx 3mm holes used for fixing tiles to roofs. Slate colours may vary from grey/green to dark grey depending on slates aquired at time.


As this product is Laser surface etched the colour of etching can vary from white to light grey depending on slate properties.


2 choices of clock mechanism are available which are either a ticking or a continuous moving sweeping second hand 


*Please note clocks will be dispatched with a metal red second hand


Requires 1 x AA battery ( not included )

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